TopsCCC is your specialist partner for industrial computing. We at TopsCCC provide individual solutions for unitized measurement and offer the whole range of products, from interface converter over RS-485 and ModBus-Modules and to Embedded Systems and powerful Panel-PCs. Our trademark ExpertDAQ is provide reliable industrial hardware for unitized instrumentation control and automation.

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Relay Card

Following Types of customized Interface Modules Can be provided by us.
    Single Change-Over DC Relay Card
    Single Change-Over AC Relay Card
    Double Change-Over DC Relay Card
    Double Change-Over AC Relay Card
    Solid State Relay Card
    FRC Conn. Interface Card
    Bridge Power Supply Card
    Alarm Annuciator Card
    RC Snubber Card
    Opto-Isolator Card

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General Purpose Card

Basic General Purpose Card handles process control and monitoring for the facility. It will take inputs from sensor and process instruments and provide output based on control functions in accordance with approved design control strategy.

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