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Process Management is a provider of embedded system and hardware development, with good experience from working with embedded control systems in the Plastic, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Marine and Medical industry. We provide software project management, requirement analysis, system analysis, software development, testing, integration and maintenance.

Embedded Design Softwares / Products Smaller, faster and better - these words define the embedded software development. With rapid technology advancements hardware is getting smaller and faster. Software has to rapidly adapt to deliver more and more innovative, secure and reliable solutions based on state of the art hardware.

Our team of embedded software engineers has been groomed to take on challenges in every new software design project. Our engineers have extremely low platform migration time and design implementation is carried out with utmost attention to minute details ensuring maximum quality output. We develop embedded software with a detailed process flow that involves different stages.

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Research & Development We offer complete product realization services that include: Research, Design and Prototyping, Development, Verification & Validation, Evaluation, Outsourcing, Migration and Optimization. We provide a wide range of design, development and support services for embedded components and embedded systems. This includes product development, maintenance, and testing services that empower you to bring your embedded software products to market faster, in a more cost- effective manner, with increased functionality.

Automation Services We work with client to craft new direction, turn them into business reality, and make the best use of information technology. Our core expertise is bringing together business, technology, and operational skills to provide truly integrated services. We also provide Automation Solutions for all your projects and Engineering Services needs in diverse industry verticals. We have expertise in providing Engineering services & solutions in all leading PLC, DCS, SCADA . We are One Stop Shop for all your Embedded Systems and Automation Needs.

Robotics We are combining robotics with telephony so that smart phone will evolve into more than smart phone. Our experts have microprocessor knowledge as basic and the protocols knowledge as well so that they can work on any OS which will keep on evolving . All these equipments will follow these protocols to communicate with each other.


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